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with IAM Worx

Do you want your customers and employees to have access to your data and applications whenever they need them – independent of any time zone and the standard working hours of your IT department? Are you in charge of IT and need reliable support for the operation of your Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure?

IAM Worx‘s area of expertise is in the operation of complex IAM infrastructures and we can provide you with highly specialized Managed Services.

Benefit from the quick response of our IAM experts and their fast solutions to your problems and ease the burden on your internal IT department. That will save you time, money, and nerves.

Contact us – we are here to support you!

IAM Managed Services provides

  • IAM service monitoring and proactive problem management
  • Maintenance, 21/2– and 3rd-level support for IAM solutions
  • Support of customer-specific solutions based on standard software
  • Standardized IAM operating and support processes
  • Specified response and resolution times
  • Remote-support from our service center
  • Efficient know-how transfer from the projects to the managed services

Service Delivery

We ensure a smooth-running operation

Identity and Access Management (IAM) infrastructure in the company’s IT ensures that employees, partners, and customers always have access to precisely the IT resources they need and for which they are authorized. Problems in this key security layer have a direct impact. Business processes, such as development, production, and distribution, are impaired or, in worse case scenarios, disrupted. This can affect single individuals and systems or even the whole corporate division as well.

Just a short system failure and end customers no longer have the added benefit of online access. Equally as critical are problems in sales, distribution and supply chains with trading partners and vendors.

For this reason, reliable maintenance, operation, and support for the IAM infrastructure are crucial to a company’s success.

IAM Worx is specialized in safeguarding the high performance and stable operation of IAM infrastructures. The experts in our service center monitor your IAM systems and processes and take proactive measures as soon as irregularities are identified. Incidents and service requests are dependably handled and resolved. At the same time, our service team is constantly on the lookout for ways to optimize your system and suggest improvements and maintenance work that will further enhance stability.

All the while, IAM Worx is able to draw upon the full potential of the iC Consult Group and, when needed, directly call in technology and product specialists for consultation.

With IAM Worx, you can be sure that your customers, partners, and employees always have access to your data.

Scalable solutions

  • Don`t be scared by big numbers. Whether you manage 30,000 or 500,000 internal users or whether you maintain 1,000 or 10,000 external partners or 10 million customers – we offer scalable solutions using smart technology that will ensure even outsized directories and other data sources always remain consistent.

Added Value

efficient, measurable, and convenient

We standardize IAM operating and thus provide the basis for measurably higher efficiency. Our managed IAM services will make the exact amount of capacity available to you that you want and need. And you have the added advantage of defined availability.

Higher availability
Identity and access management is a process crucial to business. For that reason, our support will be available to the exact extent you require: 8/5, 10/5, or 24/7. With IAM Worx managing your services, you are assured of having the technical assistance of our IAM experts directly at your disposal for the IAM systems critical to your company.

Ease the burden of your internal IT department
By employing IAM Managed Services, your business demands are met, your project team is relieved of the burden, and your IAM infrastructure is strengthened. You have the benefit of a trouble-free operation on the moment your IAM products are up and running.

Vendor-independent product expertise
Our expertise encompasses all established products on the market. This means we are able to support your business processes not just from one interface tot he next but from end-to-end.

Added benefits

  • defined availability with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • higher efficiency and measurability
  • less burden on your internal IT department
  • end-to-end view of your business processes
  • continual optimization
  • Vendor-neutral product expertise


Work with us and you will be working with global corporations

IAM Worx, through its close ties to its parent company, iC Consult, is an integral part of a powerful group with well-known global corporations as clients. This means we can offer you the opportunity to prove yourself an expert and develop professionally in an innovative corporate group environment.

We are a multicultural company that places great value on a work-life balance and fairness towards its employees. Along with demanding and challenging projects, we offer market rate pay with excellent prospects for career advancement.

The scope and variety of our activities enable us to offer college graduates and career changers substantial on-the-job training with interesting work assignments and qualified advanced training in the various fields of IAM.

If working with us interests you, send us your detailed application as a PDF file by email to karriere [at] iamworx [dot] com or contact us by calling +49 201 6161620

Available positions

  • IAM Support Engineer (m/w)
  • (Junior) Consultant (m/f) for IT-Security Support
  • Questions?
    If you need more information for our job offers, just call +49 201 616162 0
  • Still in college?
    Are you still a student and searching for an exciting subject for your degree thesis, internship, or a seminar? We cooperate with several universities and research institutions. Please contact nadina.hintz [at] ic-consult [dot] de if you want to work together.

About IAM Worx

IAM Worx GmbH is a subsidiary of iC Consult that specializes in the managed services of Identity and Access Management (IAM).

We support IT departments in the running of their operation with highly specialized maintenance, 21/2, and 3rd level support. We consider Identity & Access Management solutions to be a central, corporate-wide service that is constantly developing and expanding.

Our strength lies in standardizing this expansion while taking account of established methods and simultaneously optimizing the development to meet your specific demands.


You are welcome to contact us by telephone or email:

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